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Update on District Area Pastors Thursday, April 19, 2012

The plans for District Area Pastors (DAP), that was affirmed at our 2012 District Conference, is progressing towards implementation in the next 5 weeks.  Immediately after Conference, Credential Holders from across the District were asked to provide their recommendations for those they would like to see serving as DAPs.  Further suggestions were received from the Executive Lead Team and the Pastoral Care Coordinator.  This list of potential DAPs were approved by the Pastoral Care Committee and ratified by the District Leadership Team.


These men and women have now been contacted, affirming their willingness to serve and the number of Credential Holders they desired to bring care for.  We are currently working at placing the care-giver with those who they will serve in the various geographic areas.  We did not receive the full number of DAPs required for the Greater Edmonton area and are working to resolve that need.


We are anticipating that our DAPs will be fully in place and providing care for the Credential Holders and their families under them by July 1 and we will begin this part of our District's New Direction.